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Fleischner Society Updates

Dear Colleagues:

Here is an update on Fleischner activities:

  1. Management Transition. The transition of Society and Meeting Management to Veritas Meeting Solutions has gone very well. Our contact individuals at Veritas are:
  2. 2018 Meeting. Thanks to all of you who submitted titles and abstracts for the meeting. Ann Leung has put together an excellent draft agenda. We are excited to announce that Dr Nestor Müller has kindly agreed to give the Fleischner Lecture on Friday June 8 on CT of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.
  3. 2019 meeting. Planning is also under way for the 2019 meeting, which will be May 4-7 in Paris, immediately prior to the ESTI meeting. This will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Society.
  4. 2020 meeting. The 2020 meeting will be in Japan.
  5. White Papers.
    • The Fleischner White Paper on Diagnostic Criteria for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is in press in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine and should be published online this week. I thank all of the members of the working group for their commitment to this Paper, which should make a substantial difference in the diagnosis and management of patients with Fibrotic lung disease.
    • White papers in progress include an update of the Fleischner Glossary of Terms, MR of the Lung Parenchyma, Drug Induced Lung Disease, and Pulmonary Vascular Disease. Updates on these will be presented at the 2018 meeting.
  6. PACSBin In conjunction with IPF White Paper publication, we are excited to launch the PACSBin web-based system, developed by Drs Jeff Galvin and Jason Hostetter at University of Maryland, which provides efficient scrolling of complete DICOM datasets, with corresponding histology.  The initial application for this system will be in IPF, but we anticipate that it will also be suitable for use with many other conditions such as lung nodules. A link to this system will be incorporated into the Fleischner website.
  7. 2019 Membership Dues You will soon receive a Dues statement for the 2019 year. We would appreciate your prompt payment. With the dues statement will be an opportunity to donate to the Society. Donations will be used to support White Paper Development.

Looking forward to new successes with the Fleischner Society!

David A Lynch, MB
Department of Radiology
National Jewish Health

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